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Specialty postural and behavioural harnesses for children and adults with disabilities, medical conditions and special needs.
We are a registered NDIS provider and offer safe seating solutions to resellers, medical professionals and caregivers. We are proud to partner with Mobility Engineering as the Australian distributor for postural and behavioural harnesses.


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What is a disability harness for travel in cars?

A disability safety harness for travel in cars is a specialised restraint system designed to secure individuals with disabilities safely during car rides, providing support and preventing injuries in case of sudden stops or accidents. Products

How does a disability harness for travel in cars work?

Similar to regular safety harnesses, these systems typically consist of adjustable straps and buckles that secure around the individual’s body, keeping them stable and preventing movement during travel. Video

How do I choose the right size?

Selecting the right size involves considering the individual’s needs to ensure a comfortable, snug and secure fitting. It is best to talk to a specialist. Contact us for a consultation to find the right size.

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